Migration from VirtWire Global Ltd.

Migration process for legacy customer of VirtWire Global Ltd.

You will find below important information about the migration from VirtWire services to Gestion DBI. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are not able to find your answer below.

After a discussion with VirtWire Global Ltd, Gestion DBI operators can now have access to customers data to proceed to the migration of their services to the Gestion DBI infrastructure.

Any customer with an active LowEndSpirit NAT VPS at Virtwire can request the migration of their VPS to the Gestion DBI infrastructure, depending of location availability. Our technician will make their best to migrate your data to ensure a smooth transition.

For all customers with an active billing plan, they can purchase an equivalent VPS at Gestion DBI and open a ticket to request the extension of their new VPS for their remaining billing term at VirtWire. This will be handled by our Billing Team in case by case basis. If you are unsure, we recommend you to open a ticket prior you take any action.

If you want to discuss of this operation or want latest news: http://forum.lowendspirit.com/viewtopic.php?id=2895

UPDATE (Sept 24): We can’t migrate the data anymore. Billing extension offer is still valid.

F.A.Q About the closure for VirtWire
Service eligible for transfer and billing period extension?
Which location are available at Gestion DBI for LowEndSpirit?
How can Gestion DBI extend or honor my billing period from VirtWire?
What do I do if the location I want is not listed on this page?
Can I simply get my data back from VirtWire servers?
Do you provide IPv6?
Do you provide DDoS Protection?

Other Question?

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